Elevation Counseling is thrilled to announce that Robin Bartee, LCSW is now offering yoga classes and Mindfulness-Based group therapy on Saturdays in Elevation Counseling’s office.


Saturday 9:00am – 10:15am

Self-pay $20 per class

Yoga students do not need a therapy intake first, but will need to preregister and sign the yoga waiver.

About this Class:

Trauma-informed yoga is an approach to treating trauma that is based in the body and does not require being able to talk about what happened. At Elevation Counseling, this class is a small, slow-paced practice based on the specific needs of the students who come to class. This practice helps to regulate the nervous system, bring a more balanced awareness to the body, and create safety in the body again. It is a great practice to pair with traditional talk therapy.

To learn more about Trauma-Informed Yoga and its benefits and limitations, please read the following article:

This class is self-pay only, $20.00 per class.

Client size limit: up to 5 students

Yoga Consent

Private Therapeutic Yoga

Private Therapeutic Yoga lessons can address a variety of issues from chronic pain to depression and anxiety. There may be some challenges in life that  you just don’t want to talk about. Or perhaps your talk therapy has reached an impasse, and you would like to try a different approach to help you look at things from a different perspective. Yoga can help you address your stressors from the outside in, working past any rationalizations or intellectualizing and going straight to the heart of the imbalance.

Your practice will be developed specifically to address your individual needs and preferences, and to bring your body, mind, and energy into balance. You will be given a drawing and description of your practice so that you can continue the work at home. Therapeutic yoga can be a regular part of your therapy and treatment, or may be an occasional or one-time session.

Private Therapeutic Yoga is self-pay only, 50 minute sessions. If needed and approved by facilitator, clients may reserve two 50 minute sessions back to back.


Saturday 10:30-11:30 am

Insurance accepted, or self-pay available ($30.00 per session).

About this Class:

A growing body of research supports the use of mindfulness in treating depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, ADD/ADHD, and trauma. Mindfulness creates space in the mind to respond – instead of react – to life’s challenges.

This therapy group explores various mindfulness skills such as mindfulness based meditation, mindful eating, mindful communication, breathing techniques, relaxation and awareness techniques. Group members then have the opportunity to discuss the newly acquired skills with each other and learn how to put them into practice in real life situations.

This group is billable through insurance, or self-pay at $30.

This group ends October 19th.

Clients will need to meet with Robin Bartee for an initial therapy intake prior to first class, and will need to preregister for the group.

Group size: 3 minimum to 6 maximum


Robin Bartee, LCSW, eRYT began practicing yoga in 2001 after winning a month of yoga classes when she accidentally bid on the wrong thing in a silent auction. Robin was terrified to try it, as she had extensive back surgery at 16 and experienced near constant pain. After that first yoga class, she felt relief for the first time in ten years.

In 2007, Robin completed yoga teacher training and has worked to help others heal ever since. From the Children’s Grief Center to the Bernalillo Co. Juvenile Detention Center to UNM and the Highland Senior Center, Robin has worked with students with different physical, emotional, and social needs.

Robin is also a therapist at Elevation Counseling where she uses her knowledge of mindfulness practices to help clients struggling with trauma, depression, anxiety, life and gender transitions, and mental illness.

Mindfulness based group therapy, yoga classes and yoga therapy at Elevation Counseling in Albuquerque.
Robin Bartee Yoga classes and yoga therapy at Elevation Counseling in Albuquerque.