“Can I change the way I am?” Have you ever considered how our response to life’s situations can be an ingrained pattern that is so deep we think that’s just the way we are? The simple truth is that, oftentimes, the reason we think we can’t change is because we just don’t know another approach. Even if the pattern has gone on for generations, it’s never too late to make a healthy change.

Therapy offers profound benefits as you learn about yourself, understand the people who have most influenced you, and make decisions about how you want to live. This unfolding process of self-discovery may at times be challenging.  However, it can be tremendously rewarding in terms of your emotional freedom and self-expression.


Our therapists advocate a “strengths” perspective. This means we see people as capable and whole, with personal strength and resilience to overcome difficulty in their lives.  Elevation Counseling contracts with therapists with a wide range of modalities, backgrounds, approaches and specialties.  We have therapists who provide christian-based therapy, LGBTQ+ affirming therapists, EMDR certified therapists, art based therapists, mindfulness therapists and animal support therapists.

We focus on the areas that are presently working in your life and help you build on them. Together we will look at your current relationships as well as childhood family dynamics.  Our upbringing influences the beliefs we have about ourselves, as well as how we work through difficult situations. It helps to understand what was modeled to us. We can then decide to keep what is positive in supporting who we are today. We can also decide what we may want to change that will be positive and affirming in making good decisions for our happiness, health and fulfillment. With this understanding we can better explore the dynamics of your adult relationships.

Throughout the process of our collaborative approach to counseling, Elevation Counseling focuses on personal responsibility. You may be familiar with the statement, “We can’t change others. We can only change ourselves.” Our upbringing is more influential than genetics in influencing who we become. That being said, we can choose to move beyond what may have been a limiting start in life. Taking personal responsibility empowers us to make wise choices that can create a better future and a lifetime of happiness.


Change your life for the better and start your new life today!  Counseling will give you the tools and understanding that empower you to solve your problems more quickly. If you are experiencing difficulty in your life with relationships or in making appropriate decisions to support a happy and healthy life, we can help you. Our therapists are licensed at the highest credentialed level. In addition to their years of experience, they each have specific specialty areas. We’ll match you with one of our dedicated therapists whose specialty area matches your particular needs.