Michelle Morgan, MA, LPCC

I believe that true and lasting growth is the intentional process of rejecting “un-health” in your life in order to empower your highest good.  When you are ready, you can recognize that harmful beliefs you have endorsed are not true and must be un-believed in order to heal and grow.  Your true self is naturally healthy and free and only needs to be uncovered!  I work to achieve a balance between mind, body, and spirit in my own life and it is my goal to employ this balance as I work with clients in progressing towards their goals.

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” – Audre Lorde

Specialty Areas:

Serving clients from teens to adult in individual, couples and family sessions.  LGBTQ+ affirming.

Techniques used are: moral recognition therapy and CBT.   In particular her interests are: trauma, relationships, anxiety, stress, anger, empowerment, women’s issues, and grief.

Professional Highlights

Received Master of Arts in Counseling from Webster University in 2009

Has been a Federal Program Coordinator, a Residential Recovery Treatment Coordinator, and a Compulsive Gambling Treatment Coordinator as well as served as Clinical Supervisor to numerous clinicians

Worked for UNM Children’s Psychiatric Unit

Has worked for Rape Crisis for Central New Mexico

Issues and Therapy Types:

Anxiety, Codependency, Coping Skills, Depression, Family conflict, Grief/Loss, Infidelity, LGBTQ+ Affirming / sexual identity, Mood disorders, PTSD, Relationships, Self-Esteem / empowerment, Stress Management, Substance Issues, Trauma, Women’s Issues

CBT, Mindfulness, Trauma-Informed, Spiritually-oriented psychotherapy, LGBTQ + Affirming