Jonathan Wilks, MSW, LCSW

Jonathan Wilks, MSW, LCSW

Jonathan Wilks, MSW, LCSW

You are probably coming to therapy because you want to change something in your life. You might feel profoundly sad or anxious that your relationships or family are not working the way you want; or that your life lacks meaning and purpose. I believe you engage with hopefulness and hard work to understand and change. It is both roll-up-your-sleeves practical and wildly creative because it is the one time during your week dedicated to really seeing yourself.

Specialty Areas

Anxiety, depression, and trauma with individuals, couples, families and teens. Works with person centered, relational, and solution focused modalities.  Has interest in stress, life transitions, grief, and coping skills.  LGBTQ+affirming.

Location Note: Jonathan works for us at a West side location if you are looking for someone closer to the NW.  

Professional Highlights

Graduated from Sarah Lawerence College in New York with a Masters in Fine Arts in 1989

Graduated from Smith College in Massachusetts with a Masters in Social Work in 1992

Studied at the University of New Mexico towards a Doctorate in American Studies 

Currently works for UNM Children's Psychiatric Center as a therapist on their Multi-Systemic Therapy Team and has previously been the Manager of Clinical Therapy

Field Supervisor for New Mexico Highlands University in their Social Work program

Has provided crisis intervention training for first responders