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Would you like to soar?  Would you like a private practice without the stress of marketing your services and dealing with insurance companies?   Then we might be the right fit for you!  All of our counselors are independent contractors, and choose their days and times or availability, what type and how many clients they would like to see, and how to provide therapy.  No micro-managing here!

We are always taking resumes for therapists.  Finding people who fit well in our organization is something that means a lot to us; so we devote a fair amount of time to it regularly.  If you aren't looking you won't find it, we believe.  We also believe that fit works both ways; we also want to make sure that our organization is what you are looking for as well.  

What we are looking for

  • We are looking for therapists who are independently licensed in New Mexico with an LPCC, LCSW, or LMFT and willing to work as independent contractors position. 
  • We prefer therapists with at least 5 years experience but there are exceptions.  
  • We have a very diverse practice, so we need therapists with the ability to work with multiple backgrounds.
  • We see children, individuals, couples, and families.  A therapist does not need to be willing to see all of these categories but should be comfortable in at least two.
  • We have a couple key traits we are looking for in a potential contractor:
    • Integrity
    • Initiative
    • Maturity
    • Enthusiasm
    • Self-Discipline
    • Positive Attitude
    • Good Sense of Humor
    • Strong Work Ethic

What we want you to know about us

  • We operate in a cloud based electronic recording keeping system.  To comply with insurance and Medicaid requirements, contractors must be able to use electronic medical records.
  • We operate electronically wherever possible, therefore therapists will need their own laptop or mobile device of their choice to enter notes, access schedule, access patient files, etc.  
  • We like to have a way to contact therapists quickly if there are changes to schedules; either being available by email or cell phone works for us.
  • We do not micromanage.  If you work better with this style of management, we are not the place for you.
  • We do not dictate what your schedule is; however, we can tell you times most referrals try to schedule. 
  • We do not have a capacity or amount of clients that must be seen in a particular time frame.  You let us know what your capacity is and how you would like to organize your schedule.  
  • We do not believe in lots of paperwork; we have tried to streamline our paperwork to what is necessary.
  • We believe in making work easy for people to do.  We want therapy to be the focus, not something else.  
  • We are a group practice; we are not a facility.  We operate in accordance with the laws and guidelines of group practices.  
  • We do not believe in using trees if electronic options are available.  We try to be environmentally conscious in our decision making.  However, we still do use kleenex, since this has not stopped being necessary in this profession.  
  • We believe in great places to work.  We care about the people working with us and for us.  We work very hard to have a positive, affirming work environment.  This is something that we try to continually get better at.  
  • We do not ask that you only work with us.  Because our therapists are independent businesses, many therapists also work elsewhere so that they have variety, something we find is very important to therapists.  We can also provide variety by giving both school and office clients.
  • We believe that people are individuals and we like individuals in the work place.  
  • We believe that change is a positive thing.  We are continually looking at processes and working towards better ways of doing things.  We love suggestions and people willing to think outside of the box.
  • We really like our clients and believe that they are why we are here.  We have a strong belief about customer service and how to treat people.  Even if we are not the organization for someone, we try to help them on that journey.
  • We believe in fit when looking for a therapist.  We try very hard to get to know our therapists so that we can place appropriate clients with them.  When we don't get this right, we try to fix it right away.  And because therapists are independent contractors they are not required to take clients. 
  •  We like communication, about everything.  We prefer that someone over communicates, rather than under.  Frankly, we don't believe that there is such a thing as over communication.  
  • We know that we don't always get everything right; what we can say, however, is that we will apologize and try to quickly find a better way.
  • We really like what we do and we believe in it.  We really like coming to work and smiling.   

A word about school positions

We have a contract with the Albuquerque Public Schools to provide services in several schools.  School positions work slightly differently than office positions.  We still want the same qualities and qualifications for our therapists but the environment is different.  A therapist is based out of a particular school, going to that school location rather than our office.  We find that having one school per therapist seems to work best rather than several schools, for many reasons.  In working with the schools, a therapist is providing the same mental health services that they would in our office; the referral just comes from the teachers, administration, and parents.  This means that school positions require a lot of team work and ability to work with school staff in elementary and middle schools.  Communication with the office is also paramount for school positions; since a therapist is on location, they need to communicate even more heavily with billing and staff at our office.  A therapist in the schools also has more responsibility to manage clients and intake paperwork than a therapist in our offices.  

Contacting us - Us contacting you.

If all of this sounds great, then please paste your resume and cover letter in the form below!  Alternately, you can also email us at and attach your files to your email.  

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