Use our search tool to choose your desired type of therapy as well as the specific issues you want to discuss.  Then read the therapist’s bios and learn who may be a good fit for you.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment, please call us at 505-888-1686 or send us your information through our secure website. If you would like to discuss which therapists might be a good fit, contact our staff for more information.

All therapists and medication management providers providing services at Elevation Counseling are independent contractors.

Also, if at any time you feel that you might prefer a different therapist that the one you started with, please let us know! Client/therapist fit is extremely important and we will be happy to find another therapist.

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Amanda Hutchinson, MSW, LCSW

Amber Blacknall, APRN-CNP, PMHNP

Amy McGhee LPCC

Amy McGhee, MA, LPCC

Barbara Timmcke

Barbara Timmcke, MSW, LCSW

Cay McLane


Charlotte “Charlie” Conn, LCSW

Christine Siegrist

Christine Siegrist, M.A. LPCC

Deborah Moore, MA, LPCC

Diane R. Mead, LCSW

Eunice Nsofor

Eunice Nsofor, CNP, PMHNP

Eva Yerende, LPCC

Eva Yerende, LPCC

Image of Gabriela Ramirez LPCC with sky

Gabriela L. Ramirez, LPCC

Ginger Houldsworth, M.S.W., LCSW

Heidi Metcalf LPCC

Heidi Metcalf, M.A., LPCC

Kristie Hopper, M.A., LMFT

Laura Heitman, LCSW

Laura Heitman, MSW, LCSW

Leah Carleton, LPCC

Leah Carleton, M.S., LPCC

Leatrice Allen, MA, MS, LPCC

Linda Dodds

Linda Dodds, MS, LPCC

Marla Higgins, LPCC Eevation Counseling

Marla Higgins, M.A., LPCC

Megan Lloyd, LPCC

Megan Lloyd, M.A., LPCC

Megan Martin, LCSW

Meredith Baca, LPCC

Meredith Baca, RPT, LPCC

Photo of Nancy Choules, LPCC

Nancy Choules, M.A., LPCC

Nurse Practitioner Nonye Nwokoro pictures in front of plant

Nonye Nwokoro, Nurse Practitioner (APRN-CNP / PMHNP-BC)

Olga Ebalarosa

Olga Ebalarosa, MSW, LCSW

Porter Holiday, MSW, LCSW

Randall Browning, LPCC


Rhonda Madsen

Rhonda Madsen, MA, LPCC

Robin Bartee, Elevation Counseling in Albuquerque. Accepts Medicaid, Centennial care, most insurances. Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness, counseling mental health therapy.

Robin Bartee, MSW, LCSW, eRYT

Ronda Jarvis, LCSW

Ruth Schoder LPCC in elevation Counseling in Albuquerque

Ruth Schoder, MA, LPCC

Sabrina Gonzalez

Sabrina Gonzalez, DSW, LCSW

Sara Stevens LMFT

Sara Stevens, LMFT

Steven L. McGough, LMFT

Tom Hawley, MSW, LCSW

School-Based Therapists

In addition to office-based therapists and counselors, Elevation Counseling also contracts with therapists who provide counseling in Albuquerque public schools, providing mental health counseling directly to students at their school during the school day.  Counseling through this program is arranged directly through the school health and wellness team.

Learn about our school-based therapy program and our school-based therapists on our Counseling in Schools page.

Administrative Staff

Michelle Vazquez Dozal
Michelle Vazquez DozalDirector of Operations
Jeannette Kmatz
Jeannette KmatzBilling Manager
Danika Tanner
Danika TannerClient Care Coordinator
Xavia Romero
Xavia RomeroBilling Specialist
Roxy Lazaro
Roxy LazaroFront Office Admin
Rachel Verrinder
Rachel VerrinderFront Office Admin
Michelle Tinker Gill
Michelle Tinker GillBilling And Front Office Admin
Lacey Mattox
Lacey MattoxFront Office Admin
Sarah Raupagh
Sarah RaupaghFront Office Admin