Seeking counseling is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength.

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Finding the best therapist or psychiatric provider for your specific needs is the first step on your path wellness.

Get to know our counselors and Nurses- their specialties and styles – to find the best possible partner for your mental health.

Our Philosophy

Therapy offers profound benefits as you learn about yourself, understand the people who have most influenced you, and make decisions about how you want to live. This unfolding process of self-discovery may at times be challenging.  However, it can be tremendously rewarding in terms of your emotional freedom and self-expression.

Our therapists advocate a “strengths” perspective. This means they see people as capable and whole, with personal strength and resilience to overcome difficulty in their lives.  Elevation Counseling contracts with therapists with a wide range of therapy types, backgrounds, approaches and specialties.  Elevation Counseling can set you up with the best therapist for your issue, be it anxiety, depression, relationship issues, family dynamic, child therapy, or trauma-informed therapy.  You can choose from therapists and counselors who provide christian-based therapy, LGBTQ+ affirming therapy, EMDR, cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness based therapy, and animal support therapy.

  • Keep what is positive in supporting who we are today.

  • Decide what you may want to change.

  • Explore the dynamics of your adult relationships.

Elevation Counseling’s Values

We recognize that it is a privilege to be trusted to provide mental health counseling and to be brought into client’s lives.  Our mission is to provide the best possible place for healing and the strongest support system for those who rely on our services.

To be part of a community of caregivers bringing mental health and wellness into as many lives as possible.

We will work to earn your continued trust and will maintain the highest standards possible for the counseling services received inside our walls.

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